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Girls Workshops

1 Nursing: Simulate to Stimulate

Presented by: Dawna Egelhoff, Lewis and Clark School of Nursing Robin Halemeyer, Lewis and Clark School of Nursing

Participants will utilize their math skills to calculate and deliver medications in a mock patient room. They will then assess their simulated patient for vital signs, heart and lung sounds under the direction of two Lewis and Clark Nursing faculty.

2 Dirt Shirts

Presented by: Julie Heyen, Teacher

You, too, can create a unique product.  Tie-dye a shirt the natural way using clay native to Illinois and South Carolina.

3 Macroinvertebrate Mania!

Presented by: Erin Hilligoss-Volkmann , Army Corps of Engineers

Have you ever heard of a macroinvertebrate?  Break the word down to discover its meaning: 'macro' means big enough to see with your eyes and an 'invertebrate' is an animal without a backbone.  These little guys play an important role in the food chain and also help scientists determine water quality.  Spend some time exploring a pond looking for the fascinating critters that live there!  We will have everything you need to participate - just be prepared to get wet! 

4 When it Rains, it Pours

Presented by: Natalie Marioni and Allison Rhanor

Come explore the effects of development, impervious pavements (such as mall parking lots), and restoration efforts on a river and floodplain ecosystem with the Floodplain Simulation Model. Experiment with the placement of homes, dams and levees as you watch the effects rain can have on a river community. You will be able to see first-hand the differences landscape type, such as a wetland or parking lot, makes as we analyze flooding severity over time with this hand-on modeling activity.

5 Tech Divas

Presented by: Theresa O’Connor, Alton Middle School

Becoming a diva includes an amazing array of possibilities you may have never imagined.  Learn about jobs with Google, IBM, and Microsoft. Experience the excitement of Alice and Scratch. In Alice, 3-D objects such as; people, animals, and vehicles, populate a virtual world and students create a program to animate the objects. Scratch was developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for creative expression in simple programming. Girls will compose animated stories in a virtual world.

6 Obstacles of Fun!!

Presented by: Linda Orr, MPA, OTC/L, Lewis and Clark College and students

Discover the world of occupational therapy (OT)! Learn how to explore various adaptive and sensory approaches to overcome limitations following a serious illness or injury. Come and test your skills in maneuvering a wheelchair, putting on socks without using your hands, balancing on uneven surfaces, and much more!!!       

7 Architecture: Is it in the PLAN for your future?

Presented by: Amy Tongay, Registered Architect

Do you love to envision creative ideas and then using your problem solving and communication skills to bring the idea to reality?  If so, there may be a budding architect in you. Join us to discover how to become an architect and the many exciting options the Architectural Profession can offer you. Students will try their hand at creating diagrams and plans to convey ideas.  In addition, the presentation will share how these plans can become animated through the use of the newest 3D software. 

8 ---CANCELLED----Biotechnology – CSI and Beyond

Presented by: Dr. Richard J. Norris, Director, Center for Plant and Life Sciences, St. Louis Community College

Explore how genes work to make you unique and how that knowledge can be used to solve crimes and be used to improve the quality of life for the country and world. Experience several, fun, hands-on activities that will allow you to better understand several aspects of genetics, including the isolation of DNA and how it can be applied, while learning that science can be fun.

9 The World We Can't See (Laboratory Medicine)

Presented by: Bette Stanley, MTASCP

Ever wonder about the microscopic (can't see with the naked eye) world that lives on and in our bodies?  Laboratory medicine that supports your doctor in helping to find out why you get sick is an interesting, exciting career. Looking into microscopes, the attendees will be able to see cells that are floating in their blood, bacteria that grow on your skin, and invaders that may come from contaminated water. This workshop will introduce to the many areas studied to become a laboratory medical technologist.

10 Just Nerf It!

Presented by: Nikki Munden

Ever wondered how fast those Nerf darts actually shoot?  We will work in groups to gather data and find out the average velocity of various Nerf toys.  You will get to investigate data colleting and how to find basic statistics while having fun with your friends!  At the end we will compare results to see who used the fastest toy!

11 Running for Exercise Science, why it’s fun.

Presented by: Andra Davenport Lewis and Clark College Student

You can take Exercise Science at Lewis and Clark Community College.  What is it and why is it fun? We will talk about the importance of taking science classes for Exercise Science and all the great job opportunities in this field.  Be prepared for a really fun group fitness boot camp to challenge one another.  Then you can decide how to challenge me.

13 'Musical Math'

Presented by: Christine Banks, Musician

All aspiring musicians welcome, instrumentalists and singers alike.  If you play an instrument bring it! If you sing, bring your best voice!  Plan on 'creating' music using your math skills. See before your very eyes why all musicians need their math and how it's very nature creates beautiful music.

14 Medication Safety: Candy vs. Medicine Game

Presented by: Kilinyaa L. Cothran, BSPharm, R.Ph., M.Ed. Director, Professional Student Affairs

Students will get a brief overview of medication safety, a pharmacists role in keeping patients safe, and then have a hands on activity to discern between candy and medicine that may be in their homes. 


Presented by: Ms. Lora Rensing P.E.

Through a demonstration of various materials used in roadway pavements, students will learn what elements are most critical to provide a stable roadway built for longevity.  Students will get a close-up look at actual asphalt and concrete pavements, and will experiment with creating their own “pavement” using edible materials.  

16 Veterinary Medicine

Presented by: Jennifer Drescher, DVM

Explore the different opportunities available in the field of veterinary medicine. During this workshop, we will look at x-rays showing common abnormalities of household pets and use microscopes to examine blood samples and to look for common blood, skin and GI parasites found in cats and dogs. We will also practice performing physical exams on a live patient.

The Real World

All girls will experience this program

Here's your chance to be on your own! For this activity, you will be 25 years old with money in the bank! You will buy your own car and clothes and you will decide where you are going to live. Will you have enough money to live like you would like to? This program will give you a glimpse of the real world of career choices, decision-making and money management.

GEMS Mission

To provide young women opportunities to learn about the importance of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) in careers.

To promote young women's participation in STEM courses in high school and college.

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